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Before you leave, Carlos converts to TK and begins stuttering and you will TK slices him off proclaiming that the guy enjoys your as well

Before you leave, Carlos converts to TK and begins stuttering and you will TK slices him off proclaiming that the guy enjoys your as well

TK, up coming, informs Carlos not to bring up the crash also to maybe not bring this lady their “Carlos cow vision” which he spends when he gets “lovey and worried about soulful, large brownish attention that certainly damages people”

They gone during the together during the “A tiny Assistance from My pals”. In the “Sluggish Burn off”, he and you can TK invite es evening in order to cheer up Marjan just after what happened into name. Paul identifies them since the “Tarlos” within the online game; due to the fact they normally are beating anyone during these types of video game. One night for the week, TK and you can Carlos is actually holding food on their own and you may Gabriel, Andrea and you will Owen. When they been in to the, Andrea hugs TK and you can she apologises getting calling your “TJ” the first occasion they fulfilled but TK brushed it off, saying that it had been a common error. Afterwards, Carlos realises that he forgot the newest limes towards margaritas and TK calls Owen in order to asks him to grab particular once they are finished with exactly what he had been starting.

Immediately following they have been in the bed room, it start making away but avoid whenever TK starts smelling smoking in the flame downstairs

During the “The major Temperature”, Carlos arrives from the firehouse to tell TK one to Owen are arrested to have arson, and you can TK tells him you to Carlos needs to call their father to clear that which you up. Carlos informs your the Tx Rangers were those who arrested Owen and this Gabriel is actually the latest arresting manager. TK informs your you to Gabriel is beyond their mind when the the guy thinks one to Owen are an enthusiastic arsonist and you can Carlos states one they don’t have all the facts yet and this his dad won’t make an arrest rather than reasons whenever you are TK retorts you to his dad isn’t a criminal. Carlos informs your he never ever said he was while TK answers you to definitely their father really does and it also seems like Carlos is actually protecting your. TK asks just how do Gabriel believes Owen is the arsonist when it invested around three times together others night to make Carlos responses that it was actually an hour or so, given that Owen try later and that the guy appeared hence Carlos review Owen’s tale to acquire which he are lying. TK shoves Carlos aside 3 times by driving his chest when you’re asking him when the the guy thinks that his father is actually a criminal. Carlos catches your away from about and you may says to him in order to calm down when you are TK a couple of times says to Carlos which he must leave your by yourself. Judd intervenes and you can states one Carlos should go. Carlos renders and we come across TK with tears in his sight.

TK returns so you can Carlos preparing dinner for of him or her following firehouse blew upwards. TK starts talking about another “blow-up” at the firehouse – definition its fight – however, Carlos ends your and you may tells him that they concurred you to definitely no apologies were needed. Later in the day, TK is experiencing the brand new security that does not be seemingly operating and you will Carlos tells your that it’s already been pretending up every day and therefore the firm will come the next day but which they should go to bed. They both select the flames and very quickly, the fire starts on the bedroom so you’re able to together with only way away is through moving out from the windows. Carlos vacation trips the fresh window which have a seat and TK tells him to visit earliest and this he’ll become directly behind your. Before it plunge, Owen kicks along the home and offer her or him shirts to get on the noses and you can mouths before making them leave the Professional dating review house securely with the help of Billy and you can Judd. After they might be out of our home, TK asks Carlos exactly how he is creating and Carlos states that he’s good. The guy contributes which he don’t think these people were gonna generate it out of the property, Carlos initiate apologising regarding the lacking a fire extinguisher about room before starting so you can scream. TK hugs him and informs him inside repeat that it is ok which these are generally okay when you are making out his faces multiple times. Into the “1 day”, TK is visible soothing Carlos after brand new episode by caressing his right back just after Marjan mentioned new flames in the the family. Inside “Dust to Soil”, TK and you will Carlos share a grin when Carlos was taking care of Tommy’s girl.

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